By Mary Joan Cunningham

By Mary Joan Cunningham


As a creator and producer, I use creative solutions to produce quality results. 

I mean, duh, it's right there in the name. I didn't need to explain that to you, but I did.  Because--you know--skimming. (Who has time to read all the words?)  

What are creative solutions that produce quality results?

Well, that may look like working with big sponsors and brands to create a memorable event.

And directing, producing an editing promotional videos. 

Or copywriting a new beauty product's website, and creating the brand voice. 

Also interviewing industry experts for the sake of upping a trade organization's credibility, organic search and traffic. 

And creating a website--complete with original photography--for the chamber of commerce of a small town.  

I don't limit what I do, because almost any creative project stirs me, and gets me excited.
I like a challenge.
I like thinking.
And I like making--and helping others make--wonderful new things.