Postcard: New York

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Director's Statement

I shot footage in New York with the intention of grabbing b-roll for a documentary about Patient Empowerment for those (of us) diagnosed with incurable diseases. In the weeks after the shoot, I saw that we captured was so much more than background footage; we captured a love story.  

Letting this project become art-driven --rather than information-focused-- marked a personal turning point.

Previously, my drive had been to create something empowering for others, primarily because I thought it was my duty to do so. But after seeing these raw elements, I chose to put stock in my deeper creative instincts as a filmmaker.  

I let the beautiful images and music lead.  Originally I thought the short would be comprised of just those components. But there was more story there that yearned to be told. At the very least I realized I needed to share my slice of New York history.  

Every element of sound and imagery in Postcard: New York was chosen because it spoke to the dreaminess rooted in the reality of NYC, and the longing to walk through the dream that this city fosters. 

- Mary Joan Cunningham



Mary Joan Cunningham
Director, Producer, Editor

Deidre Schoo
Director of Photography

Liza Binkley
Assistant Director

"Time Marches On" used with permission from
Rachel Currea